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Today, at the small art organization where I spend my days (banging my head against the walls and not thinking much of life overseas or in any distant war zone), I received in the mail a notice that a MINNESOTAcharitable(butshallremain)NAMELESS Foundation is renewing our operational funding for another year.

“Phew,” said every cell in my body. Then, I noticed there was also a yellow note slipped into the letter by the McN Foundation’s VP of Finance and Compliance, indicating that, owing to “US government and treasury department regulations,” I should look for “new language inserted into the enclosed letter.”

Here is what I found upon rereading:

By accepting this grant, your organization agrees that it will not promote, support, or engage in terrorism of any kind, nor will it make sub-grants to any entity or individual that engages in these activities.

So this is what art has become in the 21st century? Anyone else but me wonder if it’s good public policy to ask artists, arts administrators, and other poor nonprofit workers to be part of the nation’s police force against terrorism?

Why stay in college? Why go to night school?
Gonna be different this time?
Can’t write a letter, can’t send a postcard
I can’t write nothing at all
This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco
this ain’t no fooling around…
Burned all my notebooks, what good are notebooks?
They won’t help me survive…
Try to be careful, don’t take no chances,
you better watch what you say.