Is that girl dead that has flowers growing out of her chest and legs?  Or is she just relaxing on vacay?  Yeah, watching TV… I wonder what shows are her faves.  She’s definitely a channel-surfer, that one.  Riding the waves of melodrama and reality and sci-fi freakshows.  I bet her mind has fallen flat.  Her lightbulb isn’t as bright as most; her thinker has out-thunk itself.  She’s ingested too much of that so-called melodrama, and it’s folded in on her.  Glitter puffs and strings of color– technicolor, that is… It’s really a shame because I know how much her boyfriend loved to watch History’s Mysteries.  Whatever happened to that lost guy anyways?

Down by the moon-lake, a creature made of tinsel and bamboo and plastic and fur lurks in the shadows.  It’s quite dark actually, and any true form of the creature is difficult to make out.  Maybe it’s my imagination seeing the acidic color and putrid psychedelia hanging from its brow.  However uncomfortable (no, sorry, pathetic) it was, I was unable to let my eyes rest on it for too long.  Pathetic.  I walked back over to the lake to see if I could catch a good reflection of myself on its flickering surface, but there was too much zig-zagging on that screen.  Color combos of the most sordid variety vibrating on the inside of my skull.  Red, green and blue above my head?!  Disgusting! 

It’s a fake silver, that of imitation stage jewelry or a tarnished chrome wheel.  It’s not anything that is worth much.  She looks at the cracks in the mirror and fills them in with glowsticks and black marbles.  A drip began at the middle of the white wall.  It was kind of mauve, but I wish it had been the monster’s blood.  What did it feel like to have that stickiness in your hands?  Was it slick and rubbery like silly putty or elusive like a dangerous nap?  Is that your loungewear on top of the pile or your mom?  I think I lost my cookies–no, tossed them!  But seriously, this isn’t a laughing matter.  Is it worth bringing it back from the depths of the peculiar–the nonsensical?  If I do then there is nothing there–or too much rather.



Kissy Monster with Marbles
Lipstick on inkjet print, acrylic paint,
rock, spray paint & marbles



Baby Tiger Rug
Inkjet print & latex paint on floor



Ode to Mom & Steg
Plastic box, toy net, plastic letters,
push pins, stick, fowl feathers
& stegosaurus keychain



Peek-a-boo (gum in hair)
Oil & varnish on panel, acrylic on
poly-cotton, stick, cotton, spray paint,
clay & synthetic hair

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